Support this community initiative led by Swansea parent and friends to raise funds (about $30,000) to sponsor a Syrian refugee family, with elementary school-aged children. And join us in building knowledge about refugees and humanitarianism. You can help by donating to the fund and/or helping to organize fundraising and educational activities.

$10,045 of $30000

by Yogendra Shakya.

The Syrian refugee crisis has had a profound effect on us and our children. It has been really hard to shelter our two young children (6 years old and 4 years old) from the daily news filled with heart breaking stories from Syria: the large scale destruction of homes and schools, thousands of lives lost, millions of families forced to leave their homes and become refugees, starving children, and refugee families being mistreated along the way. As a new parent, we were unsure at first about whether or how to talk about this critical issue which the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, calls the “biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time.”
Initially, we decided to block the news from our kids.

But we quickly realized that …